Quebec Mall to Merge and Change Name

It has been announced that the Montreal Eaton Centre, the busiest mall in Quebec is to change its name because of a merger that is taking place.


Sarah Pacini to Open Stores Across Canada

Sarah Pacini is an upmarket fashion label from Belgium. There are already two stores in Canada, in Montreal, ones at Les Cours Mont Royal and the other in Outremont.


DKNY to Open in West Edmonton Mall on Saturday

West Edmonton Mall will be welcoming a new DKNY store on Saturday. The new store is the fourth in Canada and it is on the second floor of the mall taking up 2.300 square foot.


Flagship Retail Space to be Built in Toronto

There is great news for anyone who loves shopping in Toronto. There will be a new development on Queen Street with four floors of retail space.


Target Canada Planning downtown Toronto Store

Target Canada is planning to open its first store in downtown Toronto. This will be part of the new residential and commercial development which is currently being built south of the Gardiner Expressway in Harbour Plaza.


Do Expensive Designs Give Value for Money?

Many Canadians would just not feel that it is worth buying expensive designer items because they are just so expensive.


Fall/Winter Canadian Fashions Arrive

It does not fell like spring has arrived in Canada, but we are already looking at the fall/winter fashion season for 2014. It often feels odd looking this far ahead with fashion as weather does not feel appropriate, but at the moment people probably still feel like wrapping up and so looking at warmer outfits can feel good.


Growth in Mens Clothing sales in Canada Reported

It might seem old fashioned to think that women’s clothes rule the retail market but the fact that menswear is often harder to find makes it seem like it is still not as popular.


Are Meggings a Step Too Far?

You may have thought that Meggings (leggings for men) will have just stayed on the catwalk with the likes of Prada and Givenchy, but it seems like they are sneaking out on to the main high street as well.


RW&Co and Hayden Christiansen Team up Again

Hayden Christiansen has teamed up with RW&Co again for a new fashion line. He admits that the first time he worked with them he was rather overawed by the details that had to go in to planning the items that he worked together with them on.


Adidas originals Team up with Topshop

Adidias originals, the sportswear brand has joined up with Topshop, the British fashion brand to create a clothing line. The line consists of 20 pieces that have already appeared in the Hudson bay Topshop branches.


Canadian Label Joe Fresh on Asian Launch

Joe Fresh has had a bit of a rocky year with a factory collapse in Bangladesh, killing 1,129 workers and sales not being that good since.  However, they plan to launch in 23 countries this spring, meaning that they hope their line will be available in many different places.


Sarah Stevenson’s collection Arrives in Target Stores

The Canadian designer and winner of the Toronto Fashion Incubator New labels Competition last year, Sarah Stevenson has now had her designs put in Target stores. Her collection launches on Sunday 23rd March across Canada and so now everyone can take a look at her designs.


Canadian #nomakeupselfie trend as to stop

The #nomakeupselfie trend has been spreading across the UK in order to raise awareness of cancer research and raise money. It has raised over £8 million pounds for the charity and has started to spread across the globe, including Canada.


Canadian Steven Tai shows is new Collection

Fashion designer Steven Tai has recently showed his new collection. The candian was raised in Vancouver and graduated from Central Saint Martins.


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