Top 10 Spring Runway 2013 Fashion Trends

The spring 2013 runway shows are done and over with, but now is the time to look back at the top trends and fashion statements so that you can plan for spring. Notes from the most popular designer trends are going to be found in every fashion house and brand to release a clothing line this spring, making it easy to cash in on competitor deals.


National Survey Reveals What Canadians Want for Valentine’s Day

According to a Shoppers Drug Mart poll, most Canadian men and women want a romantic dinner or night on the town for Valentine’s Day. The survey shows that gift cards are also popular; many respondents said they liked them just as much as more tried-and-true gifts like candy and flowers. The survey was done in January, and it polled married, dating and cohabitating Canadians as to their shopping habits and Valentine’s wish lists.


The Bay and Designers Collaborate on Coats

If any blanket could be described as uniquely Canadian, it would be the Point Blanket sold by The Bay. Its colorful stripes are instantly recognizable, and if you have a promo code or a coupon, you can own one for a lot less. Now, the blanket is becoming a fashion statement—The Bay has teamed up with some of the country’s top designers to create some one-of-a-kind outerwear.


Find deals that make you pick your shopping bags

To men, shopping is the most boring thing to do in this world. And women love to bore men with it. But what if we told you we had a way to keep both of them happy at the same time?


Top deals that make you shop till you drop

How would you feel if you came to know that there is a 50% discount available on Victoria Secret’s special lingerie range? Excited, and ready to shop for it, right? Well, that’s what is meant to do.


Shop For Sales

In today's economy, shoppers need to be frugal while they look for bargains and deals.
Keeping your eyes open for coupons and coupon codes is a prudent strategy for buying every day necessities on sale.


Discount Coupons For Canadian Shoppers

Getting ready for the January sales is something that most women will do to some extent, as this will often be the time of year that the best bargains are available. 


Finding Shopping Bargains With Online Coupons

The best online coupons are those which allow you a set discount off any items purchased at that store, and these will often allow people to double up on the savings available.


Looking For Vouchers Online

One challenge that many people will have is trying to make their clothing costs as little as possible, and in some cases finding a good website that will have a lot of offers and promo codes they can use will make a big difference.


Getting Big Savings On Designer Labels

There are many price savvy people who know that they can often save a lot of money and discounts by shopping online, especially when they’re buying designer brands.


Using Coupons To Maximise Discounts

There are many people who know that they can find coupons online that they can use through online retailers, but when it comes to coupon codes Canada high street stores will accept there are less people aware of them.


Stylish Shoes On A Budget

Sometimes even the most money conscious of women will want to splash out on a stylish new pair of shoes, and for those who like to keep their dollars in their purse using coupon codes is a smart way of helping to reduce the cost.


Clothing Options For Frugal Families

Many mothers and fathers have to be particularly careful with their money at the moment, and taking advantage of any special offers or discounts available on clothes is only the starting point.


Get Bigger Discounts With Coupons

There are many Canadian families who are really struggling to make ends meet at the moment, and finding coupon codes that will increase the discounts available on clothes will certainly be a big help to many people.


Save Even More Money On Discount Clothes

There are many brands of discount clothes that already deliver good value for money, but did you know there are promo codes that you can use to save yourself even more on these competitively priced products?  


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