Adidas originals Team up with Topshop

Adidias originals, the sportswear brand has joined up with Topshop, the British fashion brand to create a clothing line. The line consists of 20 pieces that have already appeared in the Hudson bay Topshop branches. The items are also available on the websites of and

The line consists of 20 pieces which range in price from $45 to $170 and they obviously have a sportswear feel. They have a cool look with the trendy sportswear feel but they have some reworking with regards to the shapes to change the style a bit or to have a pattern on them that is more interesting.

There is a pair of orange runner shorts that have a black, white and pink patterned to and the same pair in blue. A pair of trainers with funky colours and a grey hoodie with a funky pattern on the Adidas logo. There is a similar vest in white and also tracksuit bottoms and hoodie with a funky black and white pattern all over them. There are also green track suit bottoms which have a pattern down the side of the legs as well as a traditional looking black track suit, which is actually an all in one with Adidas logo and side stripes in white but nicely fitted at the waist. There is an orange t-shirt as well as a funky track suit top in white with green accents and a funky pattern over one side.

The range of clothing is available from Topshop stores as well as on their website and from Hudson bay stores as well as on their website too. The clothing is likely to be sold out pretty quickly with these two designs being incorporated to make very funky sportswear and so it is worth checking them out as soon as possible to make sure that you get yours before they are gone.