Are Meggings a Step Too Far?

You may have thought that Meggings (leggings for men) will have just stayed on the catwalk with the likes of Prada and Givenchy, but it seems like they are sneaking out on to the main high street as well. Being modelled by some famous men such as Kayne West, Russell Brand and even Canada’s own Justin Beiber it cold mean that they will be appearing more and more.

It could be seen as the natural progression from skinny jeans, but surely leggings for men should really have stopped at Robin Hood and Shakespeare? They could be used as an extra layer, maybe under baggy pants or with shorts on top, but to be worn alone, could be a step to far for many men. They are marketed as long johns in some retailers and therefore very much seen as an extra warm layer.

If you decide that you feel these are for you, then you will need to be very careful how you wear them. Even as women’s wear they do not work for everyone. They can be worn with a short top and if they are thin make people wonder whether the woman concerned has forgotten to put her skirt on. This is not a problem that a man wants to face! Men have the additional problem of perhaps not wanting to attract attention to the crotch area and this is why some are cut lower so that there is not so much tightness there. It is easy to see that this trend will never take off with certain types of men and probably only the brave will wear them to start with. However, there is no telling as to what might happen if there are meggings available in discount clothing stores and they become main stream.