Canadian Label Joe Fresh on Asian Launch

Joe Fresh has had a bit of a rocky year with a factory collapse in Bangladesh, killing 1,129 workers and sales not being that good since.  However, they plan to launch in 23 countries this spring, meaning that they hope their line will be available in many different places. Joe Mimran explained about it in a very rare interview which took place backstage, explaining his plans to sell worldwide as well as discussing the low sales and manufacturing ethics.

He was dressed in an orange parka and elk monogrammed slippers as he explained that he will have an international runway debut in May in South Korea before expanding to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

He explained how excited he was at starting in Soeul which he considers to be the gateway to Asia. He states that Koreans love fashion which is why they chose it as a place to start. The brand is an affordable one and can be found in 350 location in Canada, often in Loblaw grocery stores and they intend to add 141 international locations to this. He explained that there will be a lot of demand for their cheap clothing and so they will be getting new production facilities. He said that they are currently competing with International retailers and so to do this they will continue to expand.

They still have their clothing made in Bangladesh, despite some companies pulling out after the factory collapse. Loblaw company built a fund for the victims families and say that they will continue there as a force of good.

They will have a new collection in the autumn and this will include coats available in Canada but at a higher price and they may also be available internationally. When asked about their poor sales at J.C. Penney he just said that it is up to them what they decide to do about it.