Flagship Retail Space to be Built in Toronto

There is great news for anyone who loves shopping in Toronto. There will be a new development on Queen Street with four floors of retail space. The tower will replace a parking lot that currently exists on the corner of Queen Street west and University Avenue. It will have 24,500 square feet of retail space which will be available in 2016.

This is great news for shoppers. It could mean that there will be a brand new massive retail store or that there will be a selection of smaller stores within it. Even with tight shopping budgets it is still fun to have more choice for buying things. If you are trying to spend less then you will find that the more stores there are, the more chance of you being able to pick up some great bargains. There are many great deals out there, you just have to look. You need to hunt for coupons and sales and this will help you to get nice items for less money. It is even better when a new store opens as they tend to have opening deals and this means that you are even more likely to get some cheaper things.

New stores also provide competition for current ones. This means that they will be forced to think about how they will attract people to them and away from the novelty of a new retailer. This could mean that they will have lower prices, good deals or give away some coupon codes so that you are encouraged to shop there. It is therefore worth keeping your eyes open, not just for this new development but for any other new stores opening as you may find that you can save yourself significant amounts of money on quality items of clothing.