Quebec Mall to Merge and Change Name

It has been announced that the Montreal Eaton Centre, the busiest mall in Quebec is to change its name because of a merger that is taking place. It will be joinng together with the Complexe Les Ailes which is next to it, but the landlord is yet to decide what the combined venture will be called. This will happen once the Les Ailes de la Mode closes which was expected to happen back in Februart.

Both of the malls will have renovation work done so that they look the same and have unified branding through out. The Montreal Eaton Centre currently has 26 million visitors a year having opened back in 1990. It was next to the Eaton’s department store which went bankrupt in 1999 and this was converted to the Les Ailes de la Mode store which opened in 2002 but it was so big that it did not make much of a profit and so it reduced in size.

These new changes are great news for shoppers. It is always good to have a great environment to shop in and with modernisation this always makes things more improved and fun as well. There will also be room for more retail stores which means that you will be able to do all of your shopping under one roof. Imagine the possibilities of having so many great outlets, including fashion stores all in the one area. It should be an exciting prospect. No dates have yet been released as to when the renovation ill start, let alone when it will be finished. However, it is worth checking the local press as you may find that as renovations take place, they will want to encourage shoppers in during the disruption and this may mean there will be extra offers and discounts to entice you. This could also be the case when the complex re opens and so there could be a great opportunity to save a lot of money as well as the exciting prospect of a modern shopping area afterwards.