RW&Co and Hayden Christiansen Team up Again

Hayden Christiansen has teamed up with RW&Co again for a new fashion line. He admits that the first time he worked with them he was rather overawed by the details that had to go in to planning the items that he worked together with them on. However, he is ready to take on a new menswear collection having succeeded last November when he launched his first collaborative fashion line with RW&Co.

The Canadian retailer decided to work together with Christiansen, who is best known for his acting role in the Star Wars prequels, last year. His collection was inspired by time he spent on an Ontario farm and he now has a summer line which will be available from May. He decided that it was natural to progress to a summer collection although the climate would be different they would just be similar in style but cooler to wear. Therefore he is using the same influence but with the addition of a tropical influence.

He explained that he used to spend time in Barbados as well as his farm and so this helped him to come up with some of the ideas such as the light fabrics and linens used. However, he admits that his farm was still the main influence with organic colours. The collection again reflects his casual style and laid back attitude with athletic inspired clothing. He stated that the range was based around comfort and wide appeal. He admits that his favourite piece is a hoodie which has trim on the pocket and cuffs that tie in with the fabric on the hood and he likes the way that it makes it look more interesting.

When asked what his future in designing might be he was reluctant to think that far ahead explaining that he is enjoying what he is doing, has got the bug but has not considered what might happen next. The range is available for $29-$99 so not too expensive either.