Sarah Pacini to Open Stores Across Canada

Sarah Pacini is an upmarket fashion label from Belgium. There are already two stores in Canada, in Montreal, ones at Les Cours Mont Royal and the other in Outremont. It is a brand that has been around for over 20 years and sells female clothing aimed at ages 28-55 with knitwear, ready to wear and accessories.

The news is that they are planning on opening extra stores across Canada. A Toronto and Montreal location have been chosen and there are negotiations taking place for Vancouver store as well. It is thought that more locations will follow as well.

This is great for those shoppers that like plenty of items to choose form when they are shopping. More shops means more choice and even if you are just window shopping it can make things more fun as well.

Having extra shops in an area can also be a great thing for the local economy as well. Bringing more shoppers in to an area can bring in more money. It also means more competition for the shops that are there already and it could mean that they will compete on price which could bring you quality clothing at discounted prices. Therefore look out for deals and coupons when new shops open and you may find that you can get some really good clothing at offer prices. This is not just from the new shop opening but also for those in the area that are getting competition from it.

Why not check out the Sarah Pacini website to see what you think of the clothing and then you will know whether it is worth a trip for you when a new store opens. You may even find that you want to buy online as you cannot wait that long. If you do this then make sure that you that you search around for online discount codes before you do buy as you may be able to save some money that way.