Target Canada Planning downtown Toronto Store

Target Canada is planning to open its first store in downtown Toronto. This will be part of the new residential and commercial development which is currently being built south of the Gardiner Expressway in Harbour Plaza. The store will have two storeys and will have underground parking under the 145,000 square feet of store. It is expected that it will open in October 2016.

The store will be a bit different to the City Target stores in the US as it will not have so many items in it, being smaller but it will still provide a discount shopping option to those people living and shopping in the area. It will be one of their largest stores in Canada.

Target first approached the Canadian market in 2013 and found that it did not do as well as it had hoped. However, it still has a goal to get 150 stores in the country by 2017 ad this will be one of them. They are confident that they will become successful in the long-run.

Harbour Plaza will have shops, restaurants and services in its new retail space with Target being the largest store there at the moment. The area is expanding with new residential areas as well as businesses and so there will be a big market for the shops in the plaza. There will also not be a large amount of competition for them.

This should not stop them offering their cut price items to shoppers as that is what they are well-known for. It should be possible to buy great fashion items without having to worry too much about the cost of them. It should be easy to get there even if you are not living or working directly in the area as there will be updates to the streetcars and other growth making it easy to reach this location by the time the store opens.