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Quebec Mall to Merge and Change Name

It has been announced that the Montreal Eaton Centre, the busiest mall in Quebec is to change its name because of a merger that is taking place.

01.07.2014 more...
Sarah Pacini to Open Stores Across Canada

Sarah Pacini is an upmarket fashion label from Belgium. There are already two stores in Canada, in Montreal, ones at Les Cours Mont Royal and the other in Outremont.

27.06.2014 more...
DKNY to Open in West Edmonton Mall on Saturday

West Edmonton Mall will be welcoming a new DKNY store on Saturday. The new store is the fourth in Canada and it is on the second floor of the mall taking up 2.300 square foot.

19.06.2014 more...
Flagship Retail Space to be Built in Toronto

There is great news for anyone who loves shopping in Toronto. There will be a new development on Queen Street with four floors of retail space.

15.06.2014 more...
Target Canada Planning downtown Toronto Store

Target Canada is planning to open its first store in downtown Toronto. This will be part of the new residential and commercial development which is currently being built south of the Gardiner Expressway in Harbour Plaza.

13.06.2014 more...
Do Expensive Designs Give Value for Money?

Many Canadians would just not feel that it is worth buying expensive designer items because they are just so expensive.

08.06.2014 more...
Fall/Winter Canadian Fashions Arrive

It does not fell like spring has arrived in Canada, but we are already looking at the fall/winter fashion season for 2014. It often feels odd looking this far ahead with fashion as weather does not feel appropriate, but at the moment people probably still feel like wrapping up and so looking at warmer outfits can feel good.

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