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The first Empire retail store opened its doors in 1999 on the south-shore of Montreal, Qc Canada. Now with 10 retail locations around the province of Quebec and an inventory of over 150 brands, Empire has become Canada's leading online retailer specializing in skateboard & snowboard related products, street fashion, footwear and accessories. Empire has always been rider owned and operated and is very proud of its deep roots inside the skateboarding and snowboarding culture. We launched the Empire Online Store in August of 2007 in response to the ever growing market of online consumers in our specific niche. Customers from anywhere in the world now have access to our brick and mortar stores' inventories in real time. It is now easier then ever for any skateboarder or snowboarder to shop and purchase high quality products, 24 hours a day. THE ONLINE TEAM You can now count on a team of more then 10 people that are all possionate about skateboarding, snowboarding, fashion and eCommerce.

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